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Back Pain Relief with Spinal Decompression in Sacramento

Our Sacramento chiropractor provides back pain and neck pain relief through a variety of natural techniques. At Anderson Chiropractic, our family-friendly health center, we use a holistic approach to reducing pain, healing injuries and restoring your health. We understand that back pain and neck pain may bring you to our center, but we hope that when you see and feel the healing benefits, you will stay with us for long-term improvements.

One of the ways our chiropractor in Sacramento, Dr. Gregg C. Anderson, D.C. cares for neck pain and back pain is through the use of spinal decompression. This technique is gentle and is designed to increase the length of your spine by enlarging the space between the vertebrae. Spinal decompression is helpful for conditions such as herniated discs, pinched nerves, and compressed spines. Whether these occurred following an injury or over time, we can alleviate the pressure and reduce your pain.

Targeted Spinal Decompression at our Chiropractic Sacramento Center

Dr. Anderson evaluates your neck pain and back pain to determine whether spinal decompression is an acceptable treatment for your condition. If our Sacramento chiropractor decides to use this technique, you often immediately feel a sense of relief. Through repeat treatments,  you experience lasting pain relief and a restoration of your mobility. 

Spinal decompression is sometimes referred to as traction. The goal is to increase the distance between each vertebra to reduce pressure on your discs and nerves. This is an effective non-surgical solution for herniated discs and pinched nerves. At Anderson Chiropractic, we use motorized spinal decompression tables that manipulate your body into various positions. You relax and enjoy the healing benefits as your spine is gently lengthened. We also use pinpoint spinal decompression in Sacramento with our vertebral distraction pump, VDP. The VDP is a hand-held device that Dr. Anderson places against your back at the specific location of your concern. The VDP manually increases the space between the vertebrae to bring you relief from neck pain and back pain. This opening between the vertebrae allows space for herniated discs to return to their natural positions. Dr. Anderson monitors your progress throughout the treatment and shows you ways to maintain a healthy back and spine.

Contact our Chiropractor in Sacramento for More Information Today

Spinal decompression, in most cases, is an effective treatment for neck pain and back pain associated with pinched nerves, herniated discs, and compressed spines. Dr. Anderson examines your spine to determine if spinal decompression will work for you and then develops an individualized care plan to fit your needs. Our chiropractic Sacramento clinic offers two types of spinal decompression to heal your back pain and restore your range of motion. We understand you have questions regarding spinal decompression and our team is available to speak with you today. If you live in or near Sacramento and are seeking natural back pain relief, please contact us today at 916-485-5433 to schedule your consultation. 

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